This portfolio contains pastels and oil paintings of various locations in New York State. The paintings are either painted on location (en plein air), or in the artist’s studio. If you would like to learn more about the work or to purchase a painting, please contact Stacey. 

Barnum Brook, oil, 8×6″

On Patchett, oil, 8×16″

8:30 Storm, oil, 8×16″

Grey Barn, 4×4″, oil

Clearing Sky, 4×4″, oil

On the Lake, oil, 4×4″

Tree, pastel, 9×12″

Oswegatchie River, pastel, 8×12″

Two to Sail, oil, 6×8″

Cliffs Above, pastel, 11×14″

Waiting to Go, oil, 8×6″

Camillus Field II, pastel, 9×12″

Camillus Field, pastel, 11×14″

On Guard, oil, 8×10″

Small Falls, oil, 6×8″

Evening at the Marina, oil, 8×6″

Linden Street, pastel, 11×14″

New Woodstock Field, pastel, 11×14″